Generic FAQ

Subtitles Cloud represents a contemporary, cloud-based accessibility service designed for theaters, operas, and other venues hosting live performances.

To begin utilizing our services, you won't require any upfront investments, such as servers, routers, or any additional hardware. For detailed pricing information, please reach out to us. Our cost-effective structure ensures that we can deliver affordable services tailored to both small and large theaters. Feel free to contact us for further details.

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Our admin client and mobile client are localized in English, Swedish, and Finnish. However, the flexibility of our applications allows for translation and display in almost all languages to cater to diverse user preferences.

We provide support for a variety of devices, including mobile devices (iOS and Android), LED screens, projectors, and monitors.

Subtitle Mobile is available to end-customers for free.

Subtile Editor FAQ

Certainly! We offer support for both import and export functionality. Our import feature accommodates the widely used .srt format, while the export function generates files in our own format, easily editable with standard text editors.

We've implemented a tiered user access system with three distinct levels:

Administrator: This level enjoys full access to all features and functionalities.

Translator: Users at this level have access to viewing and editing subtitles, ensuring effective language translation.

Operator: Designed for read-only access, this level allows users to view content without making changes, ensuring secure and controlled interactions.

When a show is not activated, the Play button becomes invisible in the editor, and users are unable to utilize the shortcode. This ensures a seamless and controlled experience, allowing activation to be a prerequisite for accessing and playing the content.

We offer straightforward statistics, providing insights into user engagement by presenting data on the number of users and the specific languages they have displayed. This feature allows for a clear overview of user interactions and language preferences within the platform.

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