Subtitles Cloud

Modern cloud based subtitle service

Only an internet connection and a web browser are required for management.

Supports mobile devices and projection.

Subtitles Cloud - Admin Tool

Browser based

- Create and manage plays
- Create and modify subtitles
- Play subtitles to projections and user devices

Manage Users and user roles

Mobile friendly

- User authentication based on Google accounts*

Subtitle Mobile

Native mobile application to follow the subtitles

Included in the service subscription
- Free for end users

Multi language support

Available for both Android
and iOS devices

Subtitles Cloud - Player

Lightweight browser-based subtitles for projectors and streaming

- Visible languages
- Text layout
- Text size
- Colors

Subscription based pricing

Two billing models, (all prices without VAT)


All features included in the monthly price
Unlimited shows
Unlimited users
Subtitle Mobile app



All features included in the yearly price
Unlimited shows
Unlimited users
Subtitle Mobile app

Branded mobile app

Customer's own customized native version of Subtitle Mobile

Supports both Android and iOS

Contact sales for pricing