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Elevate your theater and live performance experiences with our
revolutionary Subtitles Cloud service. Designed with accessibility
in mind, our cutting-edge solution caters to audience members
who cannot hear or see properly or those who do not understand the
language of the performance. Harness the power of cloud technology to provide seamless, real-time subtitles, audio description all without installations or special hardware. Just connect to the internet via a browser, and you’re set!

Prolight + Sound, 19 – 22 March 2024

We are proud to announce that we are participate the Prolight + Sound, 19-22 March 2024 exhibition at Frankfurt am Main. Our exhibition stand is located at Hall 11 E28. 
Come to see and talk to us there.

If you need individual demo you can book it via the contact form below.

Special Offer -10%

During the Prolight + Sound 19-22 March, we have special offer -10% for all our new customers. 

Our Features


Subtitles are on-screen text that displays a written version of the spoken words in a video or film. They provide a visual representation of the dialogue, making content accessible to individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing, as well as those who may not understand the language spoken in the audio.

Mobile Apps

A subtitle mobile app is a software application designed for smartphones or tablets that allows users to display text captions on their screens while performance. They enhance accessibility for individuals with hearing impairments or those who want to watch content in a language different from the audio track.

Audio Description

Audio description is a service that provides verbal narration of visual elements in media content, making it accessible to individuals with visual impairments. It includes descriptions of actions, settings, and other visual details, inserted during pauses in the original audio. This enhances the overall understanding and enjoyment of the content for people with limited or no vision.

Projection tool

Experience the versatility of our cutting-edge Subtitle Projection System, seamlessly integrated into your web browser. This fully customizable solution enhances stage presentations, allowing you to tailor subtitles with precision and style.

Get Started


Feel free to reach out to us, and we'll be delighted to provide you with a demo and set up a trial account. This will allow you to test our system free of charge for a limited time period. We look forward to showcasing the capabilities of our platform and ensuring it meets your specific needs.


Following the trial period, should you find Subtitles Cloud beneficial for your organization and meet your satisfaction, we will provide you with a customized offer. Your feedback is highly valued, and we are committed to assisting you with any additional questions or ensuring a seamless transition to continued use of Subtitles Cloud for your organization. 


Once you decide to proceed after the trial period, we will promptly activate your account, enabling you to unlock the full advantages of our system. This will empower you to expand your audience reach and enhance customer satisfaction, leveraging the capabilities of Subtitles Cloud to its fullest potential. We look forward to supporting your organization's needs and contributing to your success.

Why clients choose us?

Customers choose our Subtitle Cloud system for its exceptional advantages:

Zero Initial Costs: Say goodbye to hefty upfront expenses, allowing seamless integration without a significant investment.

Infrastructure-agnostic: Enjoy operational ease without the hassle of server investments or infrastructure commitments, ensuring flexibility for your business.

User-Friendly Interface: Our intuitive design ensures a smooth onboarding process, empowering users with a rapid learning curve.

Transparent Pricing: Subtitle Cloud stands out for its commitment to clear and predictable pricing, free from hidden charges.

In essence, Subtitle Cloud enhances operational efficiency by eliminating barriers, offering a user-friendly experience, and ensuring transparent pricing, allowing businesses to focus on their core objectives with confidence.

Pricing Plans


  • Unlimited shows
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited Projections
  • Free mobile app


  • Unlimited show
  • Unlimited user
  • Unlimited Projections
  • Free mobile app
  • Audio Description


  • Unlimited show
  • Unlimited user
  • Unlimited Projections
  • Branded mobile app
  • Audio Description

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